Whole, fresh, unprocessed nutritious foods give you energy and strength.

When your diet consists of nutritious and sustaining foods and you eat only what you know you can digest, then you are on your way to a healthy, happy, and holy life.

Step Deeper. We have created a unique yoga therapy service where specific, tailor made, yoga routines are designed with you in mind. Our yoga therapy approach may focus on a specific body system (endocrine, urinary, cardiovascular, etc.) or include exercises for particular ailments you are experiencing (depression, arthritis, fatigue, menopause, etc.).

Our full Nutritional and Herbal Consultations (coming soon) include greater wellness support with dietary, herbal, and lifestyle protocols designed by Sanjay Dorje (Peter Farquharson) a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Certified Clinical Herbalist.

Sanjay Dorje

Our goal improving your vitality and health thus allowing one to approach life with joy, tenacity, and success.

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