Can I Eat More If I Work Out?

Consistency and Patience A combination of a balanced diet, a consistent exercise routine, and a stable sleep schedule is ideal when it comes to improving the current status of your health. Yet, there’s a point at which diet and exercise intertwine and make matters a bit more complicated. You need to be patient with yourselfContinue reading “Can I Eat More If I Work Out?”

5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Business

If you own your own business or are an entrepreneur, you can often be faced with challenges that strike down your motivation to go on. But here are a few ways you can reign in the troops and find the gumption to keep going. Define your core values. Core values encapsulated in a mission statementContinue reading “5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Business”

Wifi Radiation Ages You FASTER? (new research)…

Even a “healthy skeptic” like me thought this sounded completely NUTS at first. Can a tiny household electronic device make every single cell in your body age FASTER? “There’s NO way a simple wifi router — found in 71% of all US households (1) — can harm your health, impair your sleep, or age you prematurely”,Continue reading “Wifi Radiation Ages You FASTER? (new research)…”

The Truth Behind Hypnosis Myths

There are a LOT of hypnosis myths out there! So we thought we’d send you a quick email and answer a few of the most common myths we find in our inbox. We think you’ll find it interesting! Here goes… —- “Hypnotists have special powers!”  Afraid not — although all those old Hollywood movies wouldContinue reading “The Truth Behind Hypnosis Myths”

The Bitcoin Realization: Why ‘Computational holography’ may make central banks, stock brokers and investment houses utterly obsolete

I’ve recently come to understand how Bitcoin is a far more important breakthrough than I ever realized — a breakthrough with tremendous implications for your own future in a world where bank-created debt is collapsing by the day. A quick backgrounder: I’ve always been 100% in support of peer-to-peer crypto currencies, but in early 2013Continue reading “The Bitcoin Realization: Why ‘Computational holography’ may make central banks, stock brokers and investment houses utterly obsolete”