Video Making in Minutes, sound included!

This is a great tool for you Marketer or amateur to get videos in a matter of minutes. Ésta es una super herramienta para ti que estás desempeñándote en mercadotecnia o simplemente si estás por el gusto de aprender cosas nuevas. Click here to see a demo I added the Spanish text and eventually willContinue reading “Video Making in Minutes, sound included!”

Investing $100 per month?

There’s a way to legally set up your very own personal bank… …That lets you deposit cash, earn interest and loan yourself money. (Yes, it can even PAY you interest to borrow money, so you never have to take out a regular bank loan again!) …That allows you to earn money on the same dollarContinue reading “Investing $100 per month?”

Storytelling for Profits

[Watch the Storytelling for Profits Brainstorming] Harris has taken all the tropes, archetypes and clichés found in movies (not to mention TV, comic books, literature, video and even professional wrestling) and synthesized them into an elegantly realized chart. Instead of grouping the elements by noble gases or metals, Harris has organized them by story elementsContinue reading “Storytelling for Profits”