4 Self-Care Tips For Extra Busy People

Finding time to invest in self-care can be challenging, especially when you live an extra busy life. When your days are spent bouncing between work, family and social commitments, there can be little time left to catch your breath let alone take time to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. If you areContinue reading “4 Self-Care Tips For Extra Busy People”

Wifi Radiation Ages You FASTER? (new research)…

Even a “healthy skeptic” like me thought this sounded completely NUTS at first. Can a tiny household electronic device make every single cell in your body age FASTER? “There’s NO way a simple wifi router — found in 71% of all US households (1) — can harm your health, impair your sleep, or age you prematurely”,Continue reading “Wifi Radiation Ages You FASTER? (new research)…”

What Happens To Your Body When You Never Move?

Our culture today is experiencing a lifestyle shift unlike any other change involving generations past. As modern technology continues to skyrocket toward the future, an almost perfect negative correlation can be found in the amount of physical activity the average individual performs. While the perils of a sedentary lifestyle are somewhat common knowledge, this articleContinue reading “What Happens To Your Body When You Never Move?”

Video Making in Minutes, sound included!

This is a great tool for you Marketer or amateur to get videos in a matter of minutes. Ésta es una super herramienta para ti que estás desempeñándote en mercadotecnia o simplemente si estás por el gusto de aprender cosas nuevas. Click here to see a demo I added the Spanish text and eventually willContinue reading “Video Making in Minutes, sound included!”