The Challenges as an Entrepreneur

We all belong to countries and most of us feel pride of where we are from and we are not shy of standing up and showing our allegiance for our country. Growing up in Mexico we had a flag raising ceremony every Monday morning at school.
How many of us as entrepreneurs are willing to dedicate and commit ourselves with the same allegiance to our dreams? If we owe it to our countries to be nationalistic, then, certainly, we owe it to ourselves to be committed to our success.
Being an entrepreneur requires us to believe in our dreams and not be afraid to stand out, shine and be the real leaders that we are. Whether or not you lead others or work alone you must learn to stand strong and tall and devote yourself 100% to success. It isn’t always easy.
As we gather momentum, not everybody will support you and your choices; there may be some friends or family that you might have to step away from during the difficult process of carving out your dreams and manifesting your success.
It is important to ally yourself with those that support you. It could be only one person that you find, perhaps a spouse or a best friend. It could be members of an online community or a coach.
In order to achieve success we need to get out of bed with a clear purpose at hand. We need to be disciplined and faithful to ourselves and our path to success. Start by learning to lead yourself. Remember, if you can’t lead yourself, you will never lead other people. As you gather momentum people will naturally be attracted to you. We can then build healthy work and personal relationships (it’s all about good relationships) which do not undermine our dream, our goals, our success.

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Published by Dhyan Navjot Kaur

Mom of two. Homeschool mom. Master of Science, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Divemaster & English Teacher. Insects for Feed Entrepreneur. I love learning and teaching what I know. My teaching love has extended in the areas of Science, English (ESL Certified Teacher), Diving (Dive Master YMCA and PADI), and Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga has been my source of inspiration, energy, and guidance. The yoga programs are put together by me, Dyan Navjot Kaur (Suzzette Tamez-Cruz), a veteran yogi with 23 years of experience. I have taught in Mexico, Sweden and Canada. Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 [ROSS 2020EK21004416]. Working on Level 2 and 3. As a former Biologist, deep sea invertebrates and of course you need an oceanographic vessel to explore such depths. I had the honor to have worked with amazing people in the Atlantis II (WHOI, USA) and Justo Sierra (UNAM, Mexico). Back then, the Atlantis II was the home of the submersible “Alvin”, the same one that discovered the Titanic! Later in life, I went across the ocean, all the way to Sweden to obtain a master’s degree in Environmental Biotechnology. While I was there, I did a lot of cool experiments with mushrooms to decrease the cost of biogas production.

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